Monday, 26 May 2014

Final animation

WWF Save the Rhinos from Emma Rowsell on Vimeo.


The music used for my updated WWF Save the Rhinos animation:
(Sourced from Audio Network and Free Sound)

Predator by Terry Devine-King
Dangerous Moments by George Van Dyk / Jon Isbell

Ice Age by Neil Williams / Miles Bould / Sarah Ozelle / Rupert Pfaff

Updating animation


- Make gunshot louder in the poacher scene to make it more clear why the rhino is blacking out.

- Fade to black after the opening shot, as it cuts straight to a new scene which does not make sense.

- Cut the opening shot before he turns his head back and then hold that frame a little longer.

- Redo the camera for the scene where the helicopter comes into screen.

- Slow down the black out scene.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Production Diary

Major Project: WWF Rhino
Production Diary

Week 1:             17th September
Researching for WWF campaign ‘Stop illegal Wildlife trade’
Came up with two initial ideas to focus on.
Research on environment- Savannah grasslands, gathering secondary images to get familiar with colours and different compositions within the landscape
Research Rhinos- life drawing on rhinos (Woburn Safari Park), primary source photographs and motion research

Week 2:             24th September
Decided on developing rhino point of view idea.
25/09 - Made clay rhino head to help with drawing reference and also to imagine rhino perspective
27/09 – Lecture on narrative. Improve the narrative by adding in a twist- the story at the moment is too predictable
Research on moving rhinos to safer locations
29/09 – first rough storyboard
30/09- made 3d rhino model

Week 3:             1st October
02/10 – feedback on storyboard- the rhino cam needs to build more tension and fear; could do this by introducing different environment and convey rhino is living in constant fear.
04/10 – Feedback- Do camera tests for rhino perspective, don’t focus on making the horn good now.
06/10 – Second storyboard
07/10 – Feedback on storyboard-
Character designs

Week 4:             8th October
10/10 – Third Storyboard
11/10 – feedback on storyboard
13/10 – environment designs

Week 5:             15th October
15/10 - Camera tests in Maya for rhino perspective
18/10 - Final storyboard

Week 6:             22nd October
22/10 - 1st Presentation:
-       Animatic
-       Character and background designs
25/10 – feedback on animatic

Week 7:             29th October
29/10 - Rhino character rigged
02/11 – Texturing character tests

Week 8:             5th November
08/11 – finish environment concepts
10/11 – motion research and colour palettes
11/11 – render character in motion

Week 10:             12th November
2nd Presentation:
-       Full animated example of characters motion
-       References (actors, motion research)
-       Environment concept
-       Colour palettes
-       Character textures
-       Character designs and models (rigged not textured)
13/11 - environment tests
14/11 - rough layout environments 3D
15/11 - film rotoscope footage
16/11 – create shot breakdown (see below)

Week 11:             19th November
Start animating
25/11 - rotoscope scene 3

Week 12:             26th November
26/11 – Helicopter scene 4
27/11 – scene 1 animation
29/11 – scene 2 animation
02/12 – dead rhino image

Week 13:             3rd December
03/12 – scene 5 waking up + rhinos grazing
05/12 – rotoscope walk
06/12 – scene 3 rhino pass out

Week 14:             10th December
10/12 – scene 3 rhino looking for helicopter- helicopter comes into frame
12/12 – rotoscope WWF worker

Week 15:            17th December
17/12 – put shadows in scenes
19/12 – lighting in scenes
20/12 – put animation together
21/12 – put in soundtrack and sound effects
23/12 – Animation completed

Scenes and environments animation break down:
Environment 1
Rhino looking around, hears noise

Environment 2
P.O.V walking through environment, looking at dead rhino

Environment 1 (slightly changed)
P.O.V hears helicopter noise, looks up
Turns around
Poachers pointing gun (rotoscope)
Turns again
Starts to run off, starts to pass out
Poacher walk

Sky environment
Helicopter carrying rhino

Environment 3
WWF worker kneeling beside rhino (rotoscope)
Rhino waking up
Other rhino grazing around character

wwf animation final


I do not own copyrights to the soundtrack. Below is the track I used for my animation.


Shot the footage using video camera and tripod.
Footage included:
- 3 'poacher' stances
- 'poacher' walk
- WWF worker

I have never attempted rotoscoping before so a lot of was trial and error. After trying various methods, After Effects rotoscope brush proved to be the most accurate. I rotoscoped over the footage and changed the levels to black to create a silhouette figure. 

Would have worked a lot easier if I used green screen or one coloured background and floor. At least I  now know for future reference!

Below is the rotoscoped footage: